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Sept 2023 - Meeting Minutes

Goat Lab, Lowell

Meeting called to order with a toast by our President Larry McCallister

Education Piece: David Johnson - Tasty Bugs: An Intro to Sour Beers

David did a GREAT job presenting on sours tonight! If you missed it and/or want to go through it again, you can find his presentation HERE

Old Business:

  • UofA Hop farm trip was cancelled. We just could not get a good date on a weekend to make this happen. Sorry folks.

  • New Member Packet - Larry has tokens from Natural State and Goat Lab. James got stickers from New Province.

    • James will make a welcome letter that includes a QR codes for the website, facebook, and email group.

  • Voting for our Fall Community project - It was voted that the Ale-Truism Oktoberfest Fundraiser would be the fall community project.

  • Merch was pushed to next year

  • Canopy replacement: The club voted last month to replace the canopy. Larry anticipates that it will arrive before the Ale-truism event.

  • There was also a conversation about possible brewer of the year points for joining brew days.

    • Maybe stickers and an extra welcome packet for those who join these brew days.

    • The point is to incentivize more participation.

    • Officers pointed out that any changes to brewer of the year will be tabled until January. Any changes voted on at that time would take effect in February.

Remaining Iron Brewer comps for the year:

Q3 Kolsch (October 3rd @ OZ)

Q4 English Porter (January 18th @ FLOPS)

New Members/Visitors:

  • Geoff Allen joined us in August and became a paid member tonight! We are so excited to have him!

New Business:

  • Next month's educational piece: Justin Hart will be presenting Festival Season Readiness by showing us his jockey box build

  • Potential educational pieces upcoming (Please bring your ideas to a meeting and/or consider presenting something)

    • Getting ready for festival season (Next Month)

    • How to brew an award winning Kolsch (Perhaps we can get Randy on this one?)

Upcoming Events:

  • NWA Oktoberfest Fundraiser - Sept 23rd

  • Girls on the Run - Oct 6th

  • Rogers Octoberfest - Oct 14th

  • Brewtoberfest - October 28th

  • Germannfest - November 4th

Closing Minutes:

  • Identifying beers that were brought (I forgot to get a count of the total brought)

  • Meeting Attendees: 12

Brewer of the month results:

  1. Justin Hart - Astarte (Bronze Age Beer)

  2. Randy Germann- Imperial Tart Cherry Cider

  3. Larry McCallister- Holy Banannas (Belgian Dark Strong)

  4. (Tied for 3rd) Doc Farmer - Good Night Irene (American Brown)

  • Equiment Share:

    • David Johnson has an extra Blichmann beer gun he would like to offload. Holla at him if you need it!

  • Call for Feeback

    • None this time

Motion to close

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