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March 2023 - Meeting Minutes

New Province Brewing Company, Rogers

Meeting called to order with a toast by our Social Chair Lewie: "Here's to those who have seen us at our best and seen us at our worst, and cannot tell the difference."

Education Piece: Guest Speaker Series

Featuring Dave Hartmann from Gotahold Brewing in Eureka

Dave has over 30 years of brewing experience so we felt like it was a great time to bring him in and talk to us about starting up Gotahold Brewing. Some of the highlights were........

  1. What is the biggest secret to malt character in lager beers?

    • Dave likes to use malts and hops that are true to the nationality of the beer (German hops and malts for a German Pilz for example). He also touched on adjusting the boil in order to get the melanoidin cooked characters. He closed with encouraging us to use the correct specialty malts (think munich malt versus crystal 60).

  2. What is the difference between German and US Brewing?

    • Dave feels that beer is made at scale much cheaper in Germany and that the beers are well made but boring. He hypothesized that perhaps that is due to ancient breweries that are no longer making payments on their facilities, unlike most American breweries.

  3. John asked Dave to describe his sour program:

    • Dave prefers a slow sour program where he allows the beers to sit in foeders or barrels and leave it alone to do the work. He often will get a brett starter going in a barrel while the beer is still in primary and then rack the beer over into the barrel for secondary, often leaving the beer in the barrel for at least a year. Since barrels can be unpredictable, Dave prefers to blend the finished beers to get just the right amount of sour. Dave likes to make Golden fruited sours and even has a sour stout that is aged in a charred oak barrel with lactic culture for a year and a half!

There where many great questions, and we had a quality discussion going on. These were just some of the highlights. Please let us know if you have an idea for our next guest speaker as we will be mixing in our speaker series throughout the year!

Old Business:

Changes to the Brewer of the Year and Iron Brewer that were voted on last month were unanimously approved. New rules for Brewer of the year can be found HERE along with the current standings!

Iron Brewer judging will now be done the weekend after they are turned in at the meetings. This will allow us to all get practice at judging beers, filling out BJCP scoresheets, AND we will all get valuable feedback. A win win for both clubs as we continue to grow!

Annual membership dues are due now! Please see our Treasurer Keola Ingerson. Dues are $25 and may be paid in person via cash or check, and may also be paid online with a small processing fee.

New Business:

We welcomed 3 new folks at this months meeting! James and Zilpha Bradshaw heard about us and wanted to stop by and see what we were all about. They seemed really excited and we hope to welcome them back next month. Craig Murphree also joined us tonight and not only did he become a paid member, he also won brewer of the month! Congrats Craig!

We are continuing to grow and the officers firmly believe that as more people see our non-profit active out in the communities that we will attract the right folks to our cause!

Bruce Ingerson was awarded an honorary membership for 2023 by assisting the club with making the officers name tags. This was something we had talked about doing to help new folks learn some names. Bruce did an excellent job!!!

At next month's meeting we will also be awarding Bill Adams of GOAT Lab a sponsor membership for everything he has done for our club. Meeting at his brewery has been a great experience and he often hangs out with us and makes us feel at home!

David and Randy spoke about Justin's charity event for the Women's Shelter. Sounds like it was a great event and they were able to raise $6k for that non-profit! Great work to everyone involved!

Our Spring Community Service day for the Beaver Watershed Alliance will either be on April 16th or 23rd at Lake Atalanta. A poll will be posted on Facebook. We need to decide fairly quickly so that we can get an accurate head count.

National Homebrew Day is May 6th - Randy and Doc have something special cooking up. More details to come soon!

We have partnered with Ale-Truism to help us realize our dream of hosting the Great Southern Beer Festival this fall! They want both clubs to have a pro-am where the top 2 festbiers from each club will get brewed at GOAT Lab! What an opportunity! Lagers take a bit longer so start working on your recipes now! More details to come as we get them.

Closing Minutes:

We had 17 folks join us at this meeting, plus John Lee of New Province and Dave Hartmann from Gotahold

Dave Kapple packed up all entries headed to KC for the National Homebrew competiton. Good luck to all that entered!

Identifying beers that were brought (17 total homebrews!!!)

Brewer of the month results:

  1. Craig Murphree - Mango Kolsch

  2. Randell Whitehead - Blood Orange Mead

  3. David Johnson - Fruited Mango

I guess we really liked Mango this month!

We are looking for volunteers for folks who would like to present an educational piece. Right now we have April open. Any takers?

Motion to close

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